What are friends for, if not pulling each other out of the deep, dark depths of meal prep ruts? (Not a granola bar in the car again). This week’s breakfast menu is on us– enjoy! 

Monday | Microwave Egg and Veggie Breakfast Sandwich

Who said Monday breakfasts have to be bland? Grab a few ingredients on your way out the door for a make-at-work breakfast sammie sitch that will have your coworkers drooling. 

Tuesday | Overnight Oats

So you made it through another Monday (🎉) and managed to prep ahead for Tuesday's breakfast (double 🎉)? Go off with your overnight oats. 

Wednesday | Smoothie Bowl

Happy hump day! You deserve something sweet. Something like… a smoothie bowl. Flavor? Up to you bestie.

Thursday | Scrambled Eggs

Nothing tops a quick scramble with a side of fresh fruit to kickstart your Friday-eve. Looking for some inspo? We’ve got you covered with 11 Unique Scrambled Egg Recipes You Need to Try.

Friday | Starbucks

Not to be dramatic, but the whole needs-regular-treats-to-survive thing is us to a T. And could there be a better day to treat yourself to a latte and breakfast sandwich combo than a Friday? Never. 

Saturday | Brunch

On Saturdays we brunch (and when we say brunch, we mean business). We’re talking biscuits and gravy, hashbrowns, eggs, bacon, fruit, mimosas– the whole nine yards.

Sunday | Banana Pancakes

In our humble opinion, n o t h i n g compares to a slow Sunday morning pancakes-in-your-jammies moment. Make them banana pancakes? Crème de la crème.