With a name like "Happy Egg," it probably won't come as a surprise to you that we're pretty obsessed with all things Happy. From the bright color of our cartons to the way our hens are cared for, Happiness is at the center of it all. But, what do we mean when we say Crack Open Happy?

We're so glad you asked.

We are an egg company turning the industry right side up by putting the consumer (that's you!) first and inviting everyone to #CrackOpenHappy during every meal, moment, situation and circumstance in their lives. 

With every crack of a Happy Egg, you can expect to be met with a beautiful, high-quality yolk that is far from meh. Even when you crack open the actual carton of eggs itself, we believe that you'll be delightfully surprised by the beauty of the shells and the varying shades of color. Even if it's just for a moment in your busy morning, we know that our eggs will bring you a spark of Happiness.  

If they don't? We want to know about it. If you aren't Happy with your carton of Happy Eggs, our Consumer Happiness department exists to help make things right. Or, if you just want to tell us how much Happiness our eggs did bring you—we love to hear about that, too. Reach out to us any time at [email protected]