Eggs. We already knew we loved them, but having science on our side doesn’t hurt. 💁‍♀️ Keep reading for 7 reasons you should keep eating eggs…

They’re Nutrient Rich 

We’d love to list all the nutrients one egg carries in its shell, but then we’d be listing– and you’d be reading– all day. High level: they’re a solid source for notoriously hard-to-get nutrients like B-12, Vitamin D, Choline, and Iodine, and for all of our enneagram 5’s: the list goes on at healthline.

The Perfect, Perfect, Perfect Protein 

We would’ve settled for “a good source of protein,” but (of course) eggs didn’t stop there. One egg contains all 9 essential amino acids in– get this– the perfect ratio. Okay, *swoon.*

Promote Heart Health 

Well, bless our hearts (literally). Did you know eggs are home to multiple heart-happy nutrients that are linked to lowering the risk of heart disease and stroke?

Your Portion-Control Copilot 

We know eggs are loaded with protein, but did you know protein is the most satisfying macronutrient?  I.e. Eggs help you feel full longer, making them the ideal copilot for a weight-loss journey. The Goose to your Maverick, if you will.


Support Eye Health

Raise your hand if you were personally victimized (and possibly forced to eat a carrot a day) by the “carrots help your eyes” mantra of the 90s. ✋ If only our mothers knew eggs would’ve done the trick, thanks to two antioxidants– Lutein and Zeaxanthin– known to have major eye benefits.

Packed with Good-for-You Cholesterol 

It’s no secret eggs are high in cholesterol, but don’t panic: studies show eggs actually improve your cholesterol profile. Maybe just don’t eat, like, a dozen a day.

Egg-stra Fact 

Looking for a source of protein, but not so interested in the other nutrients? (1) We don’t judge and (2) egg whites pack a protein punch, sans the calories. Check out this chart by healthline for the 4-1-1.


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