We’ve all heard it before when we are sick, feeling icky or just down in the dumps: Get outside and get some Vitamin D! You might think the advice is antiquated, made up, or just something your mom would say because, well, moms.  

As it turns out, your mom was onto something (as she often is) because most Americans are more deficient in Vitamin D than ever before. So much so, that the FDA actually changed food labeling specifications to require all labels include Vitamin D amounts to ensure Americans are getting enough of it in their diets.  

Why are we more deficient? From aspects like genetics and the evolution of skin types to the types of jobs we have, primarily working indoors behind a screen, our lifestyles have simply made achieving proper Vitamin D levels harder. 

Instead of getting more time outdoors to soak in some healthy rays, many of us resort to taking a multivitamin or supplement, which is a great alternative if you are doing your research and taking a high-quality vitamin with a fat source to absorb it all. Forgive us for the potty talk, but have you ever taken a multivitamin or supplement and noticed your urine is a different, somewhat shocking color? That means that the vitamin you took isn’t being fully absorbed and is running straight through your body. AKA, you’re basically peeing out your money. It’s what we call a lose-lose.  

We know we need vitamins; but we don’t know how to take them. What we do know? How to eat.  

Since the start of time, eggs have been a great source of nutrients and vitamins, specifically that oh-so-needed Vitamin D. Why? Because egg yolks are a high-quality absorber and carrier of them all that can then transfer properly to your body—which is exactly why we created Vitamin+, an egg with 10x the Vitamin D compared to a standard egg**. You read that right; 10 TIMES the Vitamin D. Amazing, right? 

Yes, we will take the round of applause and standing ovation, thank you. But, at the end of the day, we want to contribute to making people better, Happier versions of themselves, and that all starts with our health and wellness.  

And the benefits of Vitamin D are amazing. According to the FDA, Vitamin D is essential for human health. It helps with the absorption of calcium and phosphorous in the small intestine and a deficiency can cause abnormalities in bone metabolism. In addition to bone and tooth health, Vitamin D supports immunity, brain and nervous system health, regulating insulin levels, lung function and cardiovascular health. All of this contributes to both physical and mental health, leading to a Happier, healthier you.  

Want to give Vitamin+ a try? Head to our Store Locator to see if they’re available near you. If not, rest assured that the rest of the products in our Happy Egg lineup can still give you a nutritious and delicious breakfast to start your day off right.  

**Vitamin Plus Eggs contain 10x more Vitamin D and 2x more Vitamin B7 and B9 versus Standard Grade A Large Whole Eggs. Standard large whole eggs as defined by the U.S. Department of Agriculture Research Service.  Food Data Central, 2019. fdc.nal.usda.gov. 


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