Egg hair masks are a trend that’s popping up everywhere, from glossy magazines to TikTok. Most people already know that eggs are full of good nutrients. But, are hair masks with eggs really good for your hair?

Let’s dig into what hair care professionals think about hair masks.

Why Use a Hair Mask 

Of all the DIY hair masks you can make at home, hair masks made with eggs are among the most popular. People turn to hair masks for a variety of reasons: frizz, dryness, or styling damage.

Because eggs are naturally high in moisture and protein, using an egg hair mask may provide a temporary benefit to some of these issues. The theory behind the idea that eggs are good for hair is that the protein in eggs helps to fortify the damaged strands. Despite this benefit, hair care professionals urge their clients to use hair masks, even egg hair masks, sparingly. If you use protein-heavy ingredients on your hair frequently, your hair may become “over-proteined”.

They also caution against people with thin hair using protein heavy egg hair masks because they may weigh down thinner hair.

According to an article in USA Today, no matter what type of hair mask you use, keep in mind that these masks are only a temporary solution to combating unruly hair, or strands that are damaged from coloring, heat or styling tools. The ways to protect hair is by avoiding heat and using gentle hair care products.

The bottomline? Used in moderation, egg hair masks can be a great temporary solution for overstyled, over processed or dry and damaged hair!