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Our signature yellow and blue cartons are environmentally friendly and biodegradable— including the labels! Our (very few) plastic cartons found at select retailers are not biodegradable, but can typically be recycled.

Happy Egg employs 50+ people in our Rogers, Arkansas headquarters and over 100 farmer families who produce our great-tasting eggs!

Great question— we’re so glad you asked! Long story short, while we share a namesake with Happy Egg UK, we are separate companies with no affiliation. The Happy Egg Company® was originally founded in the UK as part of Noble Foods. But today the Happy Egg Co.® is a U.S.-owned and operated free-range egg company that’s completely independent from the UK-based Noble Foods. We recognized the need for better, more transparent free-range farming practices in the U.S., so Happy Egg Co. USA cemented its roots in Arkansas and Missouri (and now Indiana) where our 60+ small family farms produce exceptional-tasting eggs.

We are proudly American Humane Certified. This means that we meet the Humane Farm Animal Care Standards and American Humane Certified Animal Welfare Standards, incorporated of scientific research, veterinary advice, and the practical experience of farmers. Access to nutritious feed and our environmental farm design that promotes the health and safety of our girls are just a few of the many standards we adhere to.

Our Happy Egg farms are located primarily in the Ozark woodlands of Arkansas and Missouri. This region has gently rolling wooded hills for the hens, and a mild climate. This allows the hens the ability to go outside year-round, not just in the summer months. These regions also have an abundant fresh water supply and are closer to the grain fields where Happy Egg sources ingredients for its hens feed.

It depends on the egg! Our Organic Free Range and Free Range Happy Eggs come primarily from brown-egg-laying Lohmann breeds, best known for their laid-back personalities, bountiful egg-laying, and range-roving curiosity. We also have the easygoing, fun-loving, and sturdy Hyline breed hens in our mix. Our Heritage Breed Eggs are laid by two distinct breeds of birds: Hölzl Blue and Hölzl Brown hens. The Hölzl Blue hens lay the beautiful pastel-blue-shelled eggs, while the Hölzl Browns lay the deep, chocolate brown-shelled eggs.

Our hens have access to roam free out on the range each day until dusk. Our barn doors are open typically 8 hours and the hens have the freedom to go in and out of the barn during this time as they see fit. While we’re hard at work in the office, our hens are roaming around and soaking up some sun!

Our barns have convenient large doors— each are 18” high by 6-feet wide— that make it: a) easy for hens to come and go as they please, but also, b) safe for them to stay inside tucked away from the elements or any (rare) predator.

Hen safety is very important to us, and to make sure the hens are taken care of properly they are raised on small family farms where they receive close care and attention from the best farmers. Our farms all have tight-woven fencing around the land and vegetative cover from trees to protect our hens from rare predators.

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