Eggs are life – at least they’re our life. So, we sourced 17 products every eggie needs in their kitchen (all under $25). Happy shopping!  

1. Cottage Egg Crate

Anyone else find themselves in the depths of fridge restock Tik Tok? Just us? Well, should you be lucky enough to find yourself there, this ceramic egg holder is guaranteed to make all your organizational dreams come true.

Our Recommendation: Cottage Egg Crate | Anthropologie $14 

2. Egg Poacher

Hold the phone! An easy way to make poached eggs? We don’t think you understand, we’re obsessed.

Our Recommendation: Egg Poacher (Set of 2) | Williams Sonoma $23


It’s 2022, how have we not found a way to stop hard-boiled eggs-to-be from colliding and cracking in the bottom of the pot? Oh, wait. 

Our Recommendation: Silicone Egg Rack | Williams Sonoma $13


The perfect hard-boiled egg. Every. Single. Time.

Our Recommendation: Egg Timer | Amazon $9

5. egg peeler

While we’re talking hard-boiled eggs: is there actually anything worse than botching the peeling process? We didn’t think so.

Our Recommendation: Egg Peeler | Williams Sonoma $12

6. Copper egg whisk

A solid whisk is essential for scrambled eggs. This one just happens to be good lookin’ too.

Our Recommendation: Copper Egg Whisk | Bed, Bath & Beyond $13

7. Wood Handle Grater with Catcher

Hear us out: grated hard-boiled eggs on avocado toast. If your first attempt turns out more like Zachariah Porter's don’t worry–  we don’t judge.

Our Recommendation: Wood Handle Grater with Catcher | Target $8 


The Dash Express makes soft, medium, hard-boiled, or poached eggs– even an omelet (!!!)– with the flip of a switch. If you’re thinking, “WTF?!,” you’re not alone. We needed a minute too.

Our Recommendation: Dash Express Egg Cooker | Crate & Barrel $20


Cooking anything on this tiny yellow pan is an automatic serotonin boost– but a sunny side up egg? Happiness: 📈

Our Recommendation: Sunflower Ceramic Mini Round Egg Pan | Crate & Barrel $12

10. Egg White Separator 

Because pouring egg yolks back and forth between shells to separate the whites is– to quote 2000’s pop icon Hillary Duff– so yesterday. 

Our Recommendation: Egg White Separator | Walmart $8

11. Egg Bite Mold

We come bearing good news for your bank account: you can cut egg bites from your Starbucks order (we aren’t suggesting you skip the latte) and make them at home. It’s easy– pinky-swear!

Our Recommendation: Egg Bite Mold | Williams Sonoma $15

12. 3-in-1 egg slicer

Sure, you could cut your egg with a knife, but why when an egg slicer exists? Talk about innovation that eggcites.

Our Recommendation: 3-in-1 Egg Slicer | Crate & Barrel $15

13. ceramic deviled egg serving platter

Hot take: deviled eggs deserve better than being served in the basic plastic carrier they arrived at your mother-in-law’s in.

Our Recommendation: Ceramic Deviled Egg Serving Platter | Crate & Barrel $20

14. Ultimate silicone egg tool

Omelet flipping and folding made easy– just in case your skills don’t quite rival Gabriel from Emily in Paris’ (yet).

Our Recommendation: Ultimate Silicone Egg Tool | Williams Sonoma $11

15. Silicone pastry brush

Fact: No pastry is finished without a bit of egg brushed over it for the perfect golden glow.

Our Recommendation: Silicone Pastry Brush | Walmart $8

16. soft-boiled egg set

Okay, okay. Technically this is a 5-in-1, but that only makes us love it more?

Our Recommendation: Soft-Boiled Egg Set | Walmart $17 


Egg whites have minds of their own– there’s no shame in calling back up to keep them in check.

Our Recommendation: Egg Fry Rings (Set of 4) | Williams Sonoma $22