There are so many uses for eggs. This versatile kitchen staple is used in breakfast and lunch recipes, custardy desserts, and, of course, baking. But, did you know that eggshells have just as many uses as the delicious yolk and egg white? Before you toss those shells, take a look at these eggcellent ways to reuse eggshells in your garden, home and for fun kid-friendly activities.

Garden fertilizer

Eggshells are rich in calcium. Breaking up your cracked eggshells and mixing them in with the soil in your garden will help boost this essential soil mineral.

Add to bird seed

Baked and crushed eggshells can be added to your bird feed, or sprinkled on the ground below the bird feeder to provide local birds with an extra tantalizing treat. Female birds are especially drawn to eggshells because their mineral richness helps replenish calcium levels after egg laying.

Seed starting containers

Ready to start gardening? No need to invest in expensive seed starer kits. Simply rinse out your eggshell halves, fill with a little soil, and you have an inexpensive, eco-friendly seedling pot. When you’re ready to transplant, you can place the entire eggshell into the soil.

Homemade chalk

Did you know you can make chalk with eggshells?! Here is a recipe that shows you how.

Add eggshells to your coffee

Want to reduce the bitterness in your morning coffee? Crushed eggshells can help smooth out the ultra acidic flavor. This easy guide for adding eggshells to coffee will show you how.

Deter garden pests

If slugs, snails or beetles are causing chaos in your garden, try sprinkling finely ground eggshells on your plants. This organic pest control method is simple and effective.

Improve the quality of your compost

If you have an at-home compost pile, adding eggshells to your tumbler or pile is a must. Grind up your shells in a coffee grinder, and the shells do the rest.

Clean pots and pans

Eggshells are the perfect texture to remove gunk and grime from hard-to-clean pots. Simply crush up the shells, add them to your soapy water and start scrubbing. Our strong shells will help get the job done!