You heard us right -- lemon scrambled eggs baby! Recipes for lemon scrambled eggs are popping up everywhere. From TikTok feeds to food blogs, and on restaurant menus. With so much interest in this new food trend, it seems like lemon scrambled eggs are here to stay.

Lemon scrambled egg lovers claim that this tasty egg recipe makes scrambled eggs fluffier, and give the eggs a surprisingly bright burst of flavor. In our book, a little egg-sperimination is always welcomed in the kitchen, especially if it leads to delicious results!

Why does lemon work with scrambled eggs?

If you’re used to making your morning scrambled eggs with just a little milk or butter, adding lemon juice may sound a little nutty. But, according to this food scientist, there’s a very scientific reason why this combo works so well.

You see, adding a few tablespoons of lemon juice (AKA acid) to your eggs before you whisk them gives the eggs more structure and helps to create air pockets when you begin scrambling them in the pan. This translates to super light and fluffy eggs once they’re done cooking. The extra liquid combined with the eggs also slows the cooking process, a big plus whenever you’re scrambled eggs.

But adding lemon to scrambled eggs before you cook them isn’t the only way chefs are working with this citrus juice, they’re also scrambling their eggs as usual, and then finishing them with a quick squirt of lemon juice once they’re plated. Some are even grating lemon zest for an extra zing!

Adding lemon juice this way gives scrambled eggs a light, bright flavor that’s pretty irresistible, according to those who have tried it.

If you want to try making your own lemony eggs at home, this easy lemon scrambled eggs recipe takes just a few minutes, and three ingredients: eggs, lemon juice and butter.

But lemon juice isn’t the only acid professional and home cooks are also experimenting with. You may also have seen recipes for scrambled eggs with a touch or lime juice or orange juice, which gives scrambled egg recipes a slightly sweet taste.

If you try these at home, tag us on Instagram @happyeggcousa and let us know what you think!



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