It's not easy having the sexist egg yolks on the market, but someone has to do it. Honestly, it's a badge we carry with honor. Whether they're dripping down the side of a hot slice of sourdough or being popped from a perfect poach, our yolks are simply hott, two t's intended. 

Don't believe us? Here are the top 9 sexiest photos of our yolks from consumers like you that you might want to view from the privacy of your own home. 

1. This picture of "Zesty, Garlicky Gremolata Eggs" gives us chills—the good kind.

Instagram: @ale.says.mangia

2. Weird to blow this picture up and have it framed? Asking for a friend.

Photo of sourdough toast topped with mustard, red onion, jalapeno and cheese, with a fried Happy Egg on topInstagram: @whatmariemade

3. Can you even? Because we simply cannot even. 

Photo of Avocado toast on a plate, topped with a fried Happy EggInstagram: @sherriesavorsthecity

4. A simple breakfast made superior with the most perfect Sunny Side Up egg. A true delicacy. 

A plate of breakfast, including sausage, tomatoes, and a fried Heritage Happy eggInstagram: @awildflowerspirit

5. We'll just leave this one right here. 

Photo of orange yolks on top of a pile of flour Instagram: @ryanpeterspgh

6. Simplicity at its finest. 

Photo of a skillet with a fried Heritage Happy egg, topped with pepperInstagram: @patricia_camerota

7. Even boiled, they are nothing less than perfect. 

Plate of toast next to hard boiled eggs topped with pepper and seasoningInstagram: @erinparekh_

8. The lighting. The plating. The plump yolk. We've died and gone to egg heaven.

Instagram: @mountainfed

9. We...we have no words. Just LOOK AT IT. 

Instagram: @whatmariemade


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