It won't come as a surprise that we, an egg company, absolutely love all things breakfast. If you're a breakfast person (only the best people are!), you know that starting your day off with the right food can make or break the trajectory of your day. 

Here are our favorite Tweets from 11 people who simply get it when it comes to breakfast: 

1. It's called "choosing your battles," okay??

2. We're really not asking for much!!

3. It's SCIENCE, people. 

4. And history was made.

5. Raise them up right and they will conquer the world. Or, at least breakfast.

6. Relationships come and go, but breakfast is forever

7. Eggs are ALWAYS the priority. 

8. We don't make the rules!

9. It's all we're asking for. Not much. 

10. This is what we like to call, "Food for thought." 

11. Red pepper flakes and a fried Happy Egg are a necessity for avocado toast. It's a fact.