There are a lot of at-home skincare remedies drifting through the internet– olive oil, avocado, oatmeal, milk, lemon juice– most of which were never meant to mingle with skin (don’t get us started). But we figure it's time to highlight one that's actually worth your while and, as far as we can tell, doesn’t get the attention it deserves. Bet you’ll never guess.  

Egg Whites.

Oh, you guessed it? At least we’re nothing if not predictable always👏🏻 on👏🏻 brand.👏🏻

But, seriously. According to The Derm Review, egg whites can…

Hydrate Your Skin 

Not to get too scientific, but the protein in egg whites can act as humectants, a hydrophilic (hydration-loving) molecular structure. Essentially, they snatch up water and hold it to the skin, keeping you hydrated (and glowing) longer. 

Temporarily Plump Your Skin

The more water your skin retains the more plump it appears. So while those proteins lock in hydration, they’re also temporarily smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles.

Fight Acne-Causing Bacteria

Not to make everything about the proteins, but we have to spotlight one: lysozyme. Lysozymes break down one of the primary acne-causing bacterias, propionibacterium (we don’t think she’d be mad if we called her P for short), helping to prevent breakouts.

So, how do you incorporate egg whites into your skincare routine? 

Not to say the same thing twice, but there are a lot of ingredients floating around out there that can cause serious irritation and have no place on your face (looking at you, lemon juice). It can be tempting to make a DIY mask loaded with ingredients, but our best tip– and we really can’t stress it enough– is to keep it simple. Whisk your whites and apply them straight to your skin, no extras needed. 

We think of egg whites as a regularly-scheduled treat for our skin. We’d recommend using them a couple of times a week, but not as a replacement for your professionally-formulated skincare products!