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FreeRange Golden Sunrise0DYolksFreeRange Golden Sunrise0DYolks

Golden Sunrise Yolks

FreeRange Hens Raised on0D8+ AcresFreeRange Hens Raised on0D8+ Acres

Hens Raised on 8+ Acres

FreeRange Rich 0DFlavorfulFreeRange Rich 0DFlavorful

Rich & Flavorful

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Biodegradable Yellow Carton

FreeRange Raised by Small0DFamily FarmersFreeRange Raised by Small0DFamily Farmers

Raised by Small Family Farmers

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At Happy Egg, we choose to do better for our industry. We didn’t fit into a box when it came to free range farming standards—so we created our own standard that we felt was better for our hens and ultimately, for the eggs they produce.

When you buy Happy Egg Free Range eggs, you’re supporting small family farms and hens having more room to roam. What could be better than that?


of protein per egg


calories per egg


of trans fat per egg


Obsessing over the color what 😍

Heritage eggs ARE MY FAVORITE! 🤤


SIMPLY THE BEST 😍😍 So rich, so eggy, so delicious.


“They’re Just Better”

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Those yolks are a ray of sunshine on a plate! 🧡


it’s life changing 😢

Yolks are unmatched 🙌


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Let's get fancy.

How to use the best eggs on the planet.


Happy Eggs. Happy Customers. 


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41 days ago

Folks are beautiful!

I’ve been purchasing Happy Eggs for about 10 years.
They are very tasty.

47 days ago

You’ll never go back

Anytime I have eggs that are not “happy” you can taste the difference. I love my happy eggs!

47 days ago

Large eggs??

I was disappointed that the large eggs were so small. I have raised chickens and know different breeds have different sizes however don’t try to sell me “large “ eggs that are not large. I’ll have to check and see what you call extra large

56 days ago


Most beautiful eggs Inside and out. Priced right, dark amber nutrient dense yokes, test like a real egg! Love them!

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