Heritage Carton
Heritage Brown Blue ShellsHeritage Brown Blue Shells

Brown & Blue Shells

Heritage Deep Amber YolksHeritage Deep Amber Yolks

Deep Amber Yolks

Heritage Rich Creamy TasteHeritage Rich Creamy Taste

Rich & Creamy Taste

Organic Biodegradable0DYellow CartonOrganic Biodegradable0DYellow Carton

Biodegradable Blue Carton

Heritage Loved by Chefs CelebritiesHeritage Loved by Chefs Celebrities

Loved by Chefs & Celebrities

avocado egg toast

Distinctively different taste

Inside every Happy Egg Heritage egg, you’ll find a deep, amber yolk that is plump and flavorful, alongside a light and creamy egg white. It’s why Heritage is the egg used and loved by Michelin-starred chefs, celebrities, and at-home foodies alike.

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Stunning amber yolks
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Indulgent flavor
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Mixed brown and blue shells


of protein per egg


calories per egg


trans fat per egg

heritage stunning unique

Stunning and Unique

Laid by our exclusive Hölzl Blue and Hölzl Brown hen breeds, our Heritage eggs are unique from any egg you’ll find on the market. With Heritage eggs, any breakfast or dish becomes an instant gourmet hit.

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Unique hen breeds
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Elevate any dish
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A truly extraordinary egg
michelin chef

Top Chef Approved

Chefs across the nation love and use our Heritage eggs in their restaurants, professional events, and their own personal kitchens. (Fun fact: If you keep an eye out, you just might spot us on a few of your favorite cooking shows, too!)

Why do chefs choose Heritage? Because they know the impact a single ingredient makes on the quality of a final dish.



Obsessing over the color what 😍

Heritage eggs ARE MY FAVORITE! 🤤


SIMPLY THE BEST 😍😍 So rich, so eggy, so delicious.


“They’re Just Better”

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Those yolks are a ray of sunshine on a plate! 🧡


it’s life changing 😢

Yolks are unmatched 🙌


white curve

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31 hours ago

Yolk coloring

Have you changed the feed for the hens

I have noticed the yolk coloring has gone from a bright red color to the pale yellow like generic eggs.
Buying these in Chicago.

10 days ago

Double Yokers!!

I got TWO double yokes (the blue ones) in this carton! I love these eggs! They taste so much better than the regular eggs. Worth every penny!!!

12 days ago

Amazing yolks!!

I've never had eggs with orange yolks from the store until I purchased these. I should say I tried the vitamin plus eggs first. They were on sale and when I went back to try a second dozen they were sold out so I purchased the "Heritage free range". I try to buy locally grown eggs but this time of year they are pretty bland or not available here in far northern Calif. I don't know how your eggs are so consistently that deep orange color but I do like them!

17 days ago

Love these

I love the orange yolk! I know when I get Happy Egg I am getting a good quality, ethical product.

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