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Organic Impossibly Beautiful0DOrganic YolksOrganic Impossibly Beautiful0DOrganic Yolks

Impossibly Beautiful Organic Yolks

Organic Laid by Hens on0D8+ AcresOrganic Laid by Hens on0D8+ Acres

Laid by Hens on 8+ Acres

Organic 100 Organic0DFarm FeedOrganic 100 Organic0DFarm Feed

100% Organic Farm and Feed

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Biodegradable Yellow Carton

Organic Raised by Small0DFamily FarmersOrganic Raised by Small0DFamily Farmers

Raised by Small Family Farmers

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Happy Egg Organic eggs have impossibly beautiful orange yolks, because we’ve spent years sourcing and perfecting the best organic ingredients for our hen's feed. This organic feed coupled with the birds’ daily grazing on grass and bugs on 8+ acres leads to a delicious and purely organic egg for you.


of protein per egg


calories per egg


trans fat per egg


Obsessing over the color what 😍

Heritage eggs ARE MY FAVORITE! 🀀


SIMPLY THE BEST 😍😍 So rich, so eggy, so delicious.


“They’re Just Better”

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Those yolks are a ray of sunshine on a plate! 🧑


it’s life changing 😒

Yolks are unmatched πŸ™Œ


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How to use the best eggs on the planet.


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10 days ago

These Don't Make Me Sick!

I hadn't been able to eat eggs since approximately 1998. They started making me ill. A farmer suggested I was allergic to chicken feed. Used to love eggs and really missed them. Occasionally I would try again with no luck. Then in 2023 I found your brand and tried them. I do not get sick! Only Free Range and Organic are available to me. I would love to try the Heritage (and Vitamin Plus). I am so grateful. I eat these near daily. Thank you!

10 days ago

Good but not worth the price

These were good, but not worth the price that is triple the price that i pay for store brands.

34 days ago

Thank you chickens and farmers -- Love your eggs!

I recently saw and purchased Free Range Happy Eggs and I am glad I did. They are delicious. Highly recommend and I will buy them again.

47 days ago

We will definitely buy these eggs again!

If you've ever seen videos where they egg yolks are super vibrant? These are those eggs, the yolks on these eggs are WAY more colorful than the standard eggs you buy at the store. Not only that, they taste great! My wife will ONLY buy these eggs from now. on.

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