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Organic Impossibly Beautiful0DOrganic YolksOrganic Impossibly Beautiful0DOrganic Yolks

Impossibly Beautiful Organic Yolks

Organic Laid by Hens on0D8+ AcresOrganic Laid by Hens on0D8+ Acres

Laid by Hens on 8+ Acres

Organic 100 Organic0DFarm FeedOrganic 100 Organic0DFarm Feed

100% Organic Farm and Feed

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Biodegradable Yellow Carton

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Raised by Small Family Farmers

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Happy Egg Organic eggs have impossibly beautiful orange yolks, because we’ve spent years sourcing and perfecting the best organic ingredients for our hen's feed. This organic feed coupled with the birds’ daily grazing on grass and bugs on 8+ acres leads to a delicious and purely organic egg for you.


of protein per egg


calories per egg


trans fat per egg


Obsessing over the color what 😍

Heritage eggs ARE MY FAVORITE! 🤤


SIMPLY THE BEST 😍😍 So rich, so eggy, so delicious.


“They’re Just Better”

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Those yolks are a ray of sunshine on a plate! 🧡


it’s life changing 😢

Yolks are unmatched 🙌


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Let's get fancy.

How to use the best eggs on the planet.


Happy Eggs. Happy Customers. 


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2 months ago

Shocked How Red the Yolks!

I always bought other brands of organic eggs until I tried Happy Eggs that were on Sale. I couldn’t get over how orangy-red the yolks are believing these are hens eating a very good diet. I promote companies that offer the best diet, best living accommodations for their animals.

2 months ago

Yolk color

I have found the yolks to be consistent in color and texture; the nice dark orange color tells me they are healthy and happy chickens.

3 months ago

Best eggs!!

Read a review on Happy Egg and had to try. They are my go to egg. Delicious! I make a special trip to get Happy Egg as my local grocery store does not carry. Worth the effort.

3 months ago

Happy Yolks

I'm a lover of all options of Happy Eggs. Years ago, I remember a friend telling me about these eggs, saying the name fits so well because the eggs just look healthy and happy when you crack them. Since then, they've been a staple in my fridge. Conveniently, they're always stocked at the Stater Bros. They taste great, smell great, and makes everyone happy.

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