We have over 100 beautiful family farms so far, each one carefully chosen and planned based on qualifications of the farmer, optimal locations, and environmental conditions.

We try to visit our outstanding farms as much as possible, not only to ensure they are continuing to uphold our Happy Egg standards, but to say hello to our girls, too! We love sending our employees to our farms when they can visit and see first-hand how awesome they are. We also conduct regular quality and compliance checks, and plan unannounced audits each quarter.

We start by hiring farmers who care and who take as much pride as we do in raising the healthiest hens, that can lay the best-tasting, farmers’-market-quality eggs for our customers. We only work with small family farms to make sure our hens receive close, daily care and attention. To keep exceeding our world-class standards, we inspect each farm on a regular basis and conduct monthly farm checks and unannounced audits. In the rare case there’s an issue, we work with the farmer involved to make sure it’s fixed. If ever our standards aren’t met, the farmer is released from our program. At the end of the day (and the start, and everything in between), the safety, health and proper raising of our hens and eggs is our highest priority.

We have close relationships with the wonderful independent family-owned farms who we trust to raise our hens and look after their eggs on our 100+ farms, mostly in Arkansas, Missouri and Indiana. Unlike typical commercial farms, the farms that produce Happy Eggs don’t produce eggs for other companies; so, each of our farms goes above and beyond to exceed all free-range certification standards, and we have third parties who audit each farm to ensure that we’re always upholding the highest animal-humane standards.

We are proudly American Humane Certified. This means that we meet the Humane Farm Animal Care Standards and American Humane Certified Animal Welfare Standards, incorporated of scientific research, veterinary advice, and the practical experience of farmers. Access to nutritious feed and our environmental farm design that promotes the health and safety of our girls are just a few of the many standards we adhere to.

There is anywhere from 16,000 - 20,000 hens per farm. 

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