Our Farms

As much as we’d like to take full responsibility for the quality of our eggs, we’d be remiss to not give a shoutout to the real MVPs—our hens and the farmers who care for them. At the end of the day, there wouldn’t be Happy Eggs if it weren’t for them.

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We have close relationships with the wonderful independent family-owned farms that we trust to raise our hens and look after their eggs on our 100+ farms, mostly in Arkansas, Missouri and Indiana. Unlike typical commercial farms, the farms that produce Happy Eggs don’t produce eggs for other companies. So, each of our farms go above and beyond to exceed all free-range certification standards, and we have third parties who audit each farm to ensure that we’re always upholding the highest animal-humane standards. Each farm has 8+ acres of space for our birds to roam on the daily. That's the size of over 6 football fields! 

Our Happy Egg farms are located primarily in the Ozark woodlands of Arkansas and Missouri. This region has gently rolling wooded hills for the hens, and a mild climate. This gives the hens the ability to go outside year-round, not just in the summer months. These regions have an abundant fresh water supply and luscious greenery to give the birds the luxury they deserve.

From our light brown shell-laying Hyline and Lohmann Browns to the blue and deep mahogany-laying Speckled Legbar and Copper Marans, these birdies live their best lives on our free range farms, being cared for by our family farmers on the daily. In fact, we’ve formulated our feed specifically around the health and beauty of these breeds, and have our farms set up for their ideal way of living...with a little extra flair of course. 

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Our Farms

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Our Farms

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