When it comes to what makes a remarkable egg, we know a thing (or a dozen). With over 70 years of experience in Free Range farming, we’ve learned the ins and outs of what it takes to produce a richer yolk and more flavorful egg; from our beautiful farms and the specialty breeds of birds that roam on them to their high-quality feed, all the way to the stores we partner with to get them to your kitchen, there’s an extra dose of Happy in every step. The proof is inside the shell.  


Our favorite myth to bust? That an egg is simply an egg. We’ve spent our entire company history perfecting the art of making a more flavorful, richer tasting, and all-around knockout egg for you; and the truth is, it’s not rocket science: Our quality farms + our premium feed = a Happier, more flavorful egg. Consumers write us daily to tell us how addicted they are to our eggs—that once they try a Happy Egg, they can’t go back to their former life of eating sad, run-of-the-mill, pale-yolked eggs. We call these people the Yolk Cult.


AKA, Happy Egg connoisseurs. They are the people who get it; the ones who know that sad eggs are, quite frankly, an unacceptable way to egg. They gasp at the mere sight of a pale yolk and have even been known to refuse and refute a breakfast plate that features such an atrocity. They know the difference a high-quality egg can make in their day and will go out of their way to ensure that their desires are met. They come to the defense of our rich amber yolks, going so far as to mock their mediocre egg-consuming friends. Not all heroes wear capes. Most mornings, they let their phone eat first because they know that an egg so stunning deserves a spot on the grid. They are, indisputably, the greatest people on planet earth.  


As much as we’d like to take full responsibility for the quality of our eggs, we’d be remiss to not give a shoutout to the real MVPs—our hens and the farmers who care for them. At the end of the day, there wouldn’t be Happy Eggs if it weren’t for them. From our light brown shell-laying Hyline and  Lohmann Browns to the blue and deep mahogany-laying Speckled Legbar and Copper Marans, these birdies live their best lives on our free range farms, being cared for by our family farmers on the daily. In fact, we’ve formulated our feed specifically around the health and beauty of these breeds, and have our farms set up for their ideal way of living...with a little extra flair of course. You can find more deets about our farms and standards here.


While our farms are located across the Ozarks, our office is headquartered in Rogers, Arkansas; this is where the behind-the-scenes magic happens. From our incredible team of Supply Chain experts to our Consumer Happiness department, we’re a group of hard-working, egg-loving people who simply want to show the rest of the nation what a better egg looks and tastes like. In fact, many members of our team left corporate jobs to become egg-trapreneurs—because that is how much we believed in the Happy Egg brand. Eggs are central to food; from baking bread to sauces and pasta to the best breakfasts, they all start with eggs. So, why not make them the best eggs possible? 

Did we know how we were going to do this? No. Do we often look around and wonder how we got here or what step we should take next? Yes. But, we refuse to settle—and we won’t until the rest of America realizes and appreciates the delight a quality egg can make in every day, meal, and moment.   

Our Happy Birds

Meet the Team

legbar carousel happy egg packaging mockup Top HB



These strikingly beautiful hens first came from the United Kingdom and are still pretty popular there. They’re newer to the U.S., but their chatty, charming personalities, innate curiosity and vibrant blue and green eggs make them a favorite wherever they go.


Medium, 5 pounds


Chatty, active, charming

Egg size & color

Medium to large, sky blue to pastel green

lohmann carousel happy egg packaging mockup Top ORG



These friendly, laid-back birds hail from Germany. They’re early bloomers that often start laying eggs around 19-21 weeks. They’re also prolific producers that lay an average 300 high-quality eggs per year.


Medium, 3.5 - 4.6 pounds


Friendly, adaptable

Egg size & color

Very large, brown

hyline carousel happy egg packaging mockup Top FR



These brown beauties are the world’s most balanced brown egg layers. They can lay over 300 eggs per year and consistently lay perfect large brown eggs. They also tend to have more laid-back personalities and are amongst the quietest of our bird breeds.


Medium, 3.5 – 4.6 pounds


Friendly, quiet and adaptable

Egg size & color

Very large, Brown

copper carousel happy egg packaging mockup Top HB v2



Named after their town of origin, Maran in western France, these hens are known for their very large chocolate-brown eggs. In fact, Black Copper Maran eggs are the darkest of all the Maran eggs. Fun fact: They’re actually the darkest at the beginning of the laying cycle.


Heavy, 5 - 6 pounds


Friendly, adaptable

Egg size & color

Large, deep chocolate brown

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