Literally nobody:
Us: Okay, but what if we picked the perfect egg dish for each Enneagram type? (Though personally, we’ve never met an egg dish we didn’t like.) 

Type 1  | The Reformer 

Ones strive for perfection (#relatableAF) and look at life through a black-and-white lens. Naturally, they take their eggs the only way eggs were meant to be served: sunny side up. We’ll let you decide whether or not to lace the edges (be careful besties, there is a right answer). 

Type 2 | The Helper 

Twos get a rep for being people-pleasers, but when it comes to breakfast? They’ve gotta put themselves first. I.e. they’ll be treating themselves to a veggie omelet with a cheese pull that’ll have you dying for a bite (and because they love you, they’ll share).

Type 3 | The Achiever 

Places to be, people to see, and a to-do list a mile long– Threes make juggling it all look like a walk in the park (teach us your ways, we’re begging you). They need something that can be prepped ahead and taken on the go– something like hard-boiled eggs

(That’s not to say they can’t also dish up the best avo-toast-and-fried-egg combo you’ve ever had, but… priorities). 

Type 4 | The Individualist 

Unfortunately, the recent rise of pesto egg popularity has ruined the novelty of our Fours’– who crave individuality and uniqueness– former favorite breakfast. Despite their best efforts to gatekeep, we heard rumors they’ve moved on to the Spanish Omelette (but for their sanity, let’s keep this on the DL). 

Type 5 | The Investigator 

Fives are marked by their curiosity and eagerness to learn, and deserve a breakfast that serves Elle Wood’s I-might-just-go-to-law-school-because-I-can energy. Nothing says, “What, like it’s hard?,” like Eggs Benedict

Type 6 | The Loyalist

Sixes are always 10 steps ahead, mentally mapping out what could go wrong in every situation– including breakfast. Obviously, they’re making the perfect scrambled eggs– foolproof and liked by literally everyone.

Type 7 | The Enthusiast 

It only makes sense that our fun-loving, party-going friends (heyyyy, Sevens👋) opt for a party-in-your-mouth breakfast sitch. Breakfast tacos are, more or less, a fiesta on the go, meaning Sevens never miss a beat (because fomo is real). 

Type 8 | The Challenger

The Eight in your life has likely mastered the widely-feared Soufflé. Not because they had any intention to, but because someone, sometime told them they couldn’t. So, in all of their willful determination, they did (and we are blessed because of it). 

Type 9 | The Peacemaker 

In true go-with-the-flow fashion, Nines will take their eggs literally however they’re served. Seriously. Whatever you’re having, they’re happy to be having. Fried? Great! Scrambled? Enjoying every bite! Omelet? Loving it!