Thanks to the tireless work of some of our favorite celebs and designers, it’s a concept we’re not only familiar with, but one we’re obsessed with. 

Take, for example, Taylor Swift and Katy Perry publicly burying the hatchet as a burger and fries in blondie’s You Need To Calm Down music video.


What we haven’t seen enough of? Egg-inspired fashion. So, we took it upon ourselves to source seven eggy statement pieces for our fellow yolk lovers.

Egg Earrings

Dainty and cute af. Perfect for the egg lover who’s capable of playing it cool and keeping their egg-session somewhat under wraps. Unfortunately, we can't relate.

Buy It! | $7

Egg Yolk Beret

Some will say it’s camp. We say it’s perfectly fine, totally acceptable, very normal, everyday attire. 

Buy It! | $12

Egg Yolk Plush Handbag

So cute. So soft. Brb, we’re ordering one in every color. 

Buy It! | $10

Egg Yolk Croc Charms

Now that you’ve seen it, can you even imagine Crocs without an 🍳 charm? We shudder to think. 

Buy It! | $8

Egg Heels

Our hearts? Obsessed. Our wallets? Crying. But they sure are easy on the eyes.

Buy It! | $1,600 

Fried Egg Crossbody Purse

Something about it is just screaming our name.

Buy it | $90

Egg Phone Case

Our phones are basically an extension of ourselves, yeah? So why should they not also be dressing?

Buy It! | $20