What’s silky, foamy, and creamy-but-not-too-heavy? Egg whites. In your cocktail. We get it, they may not be the first ingredient that comes to mind when you think “summer sips,” but trust us besties– you’ll never look back. 

1. eucalyptus martini

She’s fresh, she’s foamy, she’s the it girl of summer cocktails. This recipe from The Spruce Eats is one to bookmark!

2. New York Sour

Made with the trinity of sours (spirit, citrus, and sugar) plus two of our favorite things (egg whites and red wine, duh), it’s like a Whiskey Sour, but better.  We'll be testing Liqour.com's New York Sour recipe year round!

3. Clover Club

Raspberries are a summer staple, so why not toss them in a drink? This raspberry-lemon cocktail is– and we can’t stress this enough– what dreams are made of. 

4. Giz Fizz

Another textbook sour, made smoother with the addition of our beloved egg whites. Liqour.com recommends doing a dry shake (without ice) of the cocktail first for a thicker drink. You can find our favorite recipe here! 

5. Picso Sour

For all the summer in the mountains > summer at the beach people, we’ve got the drink for you. The earthy Pisco Sour is the perfect cabin-in-Colorado cocktail. 

6. Frothy Orange Creamsicle

A grown-up take on the nostalgia-inducing Creamsicle Bars of our youth. If only the ice cream truck delivered these too. Find the full recipe here

7. Orange-Mint Rum Fizz

Clearly, we’re on an orange kick, but this orange-mint combo is– to put it simply– refreshing AF. Speaking of orange… have you seen our yolks? Sorry, had to.

8. Bees Knees

A little bit sweet and a little bit tart, if the name hasn’t already given it away, this golden drink was made👏🏻 for👏🏻 summer.👏🏻 Get the recipe here!

9. Baltimore Bracer

Okay, okay the Jackson 5 probably– no, definitely– didn’t write ABC about a Baltimore Bracer, but you know what they say… if the shoe fits! 

Brandy + anisette liqueur + egg whites. Seriously. Easy as 1, 2, 3. 

10. Tequila Sour

Something just feels right about Tequila in the summertime, you know? This NY Times Cooking recipe is *chefs kiss* perfection.

11. Grapefruit, Ginger & Thyme Fizz Mocktail 

Because no alcohol doesn’t equal no fun– and that's that on that! Get the refreshing recipe here