There is anywhere from 16,000 - 20,000 hens per farm. 

Our hens get a well-rounded diet that supports both optimal nutrition and the best possible eggs. Their feed contains corn and soy mixed with all-natural vitamins and minerals. But their ability to graze on the range means they get their fair share of grass and bugs as well. What they NEVER get is any added meat, hormones, or preservatives. And the hens who lay our organic Happy Eggs eat only a 100% organic, non-GMO diet.

Both! Our hens eat our proprietary blend of whole grains, including both corn and soy, which they love! Soy is a great source of both protein and fat for our beloved birds’ nutrition.

All Happy Egg hens are raised with the highest animal welfare standards, which gives you an all-natural egg. We’re proud to offer both organic and conventional (non-organic) eggs. The only difference between the two is the hens’ feed. Our organic hens’ feed is fully non-GMO and comes from grain farms untouched by any hormones or antibiotics

No, we do not “debeak our hens.” As much as we love our hens and their quirky personalities, they can naturally become aggressive toward weakest members of the flock so we do have a policy on beak trimming which is in accordance with our American Humane Certification.

That’s like asking: Why doesn’t my fifth cousin look like my twin? These hens may all be in the same family tree, but their appearances naturally evolve from one generation and family tree branch to the next. At the same time, egg characteristics like shell color and thickness, as well as yolk color and flavor, tend to remain consistent. Thanks for the mysteries, Mother Nature.

At Happy Egg, we are very intentional and selective about the farmers we partner with to best raise and take care of our girls, all while adhering to our strict standards for humane practice. From ample amounts of space and time to roam and, well, do the things hens love to do, to the feed they consume, our hens get the best of the best throughout their life. Unfortunately, the entire egg industry would like to see more options available for hens that retire from egg laying. Due to FDA restrictions and even environmental impact, the options are limited; but Happy Egg is committed to working with our farmers to find desirable solutions that are sustainable for both our hens and our farms.

We could stare at those yolks all day. But we eat them way too fast to stare at them for long. We feed all our hens a nutrient-rich, proprietary (and quite frankly, expensive) feed mixture custom-designed for the health and beauty of the bird, as well as the best possible egg and yolk. In fact, this premiere feed is so fantastic that not all the ingredients are commercially available. When fed to our two special Heritage Breeds, the Speckled Legbar and Copper Maran, the combo of this feed and the birds’ pecking on plants and insects outdoors adds up to a bright, beautiful, great-tasting yolk.

It’s all in the genes, friends. The unique coloring of the shells of our Heritage Breed eggs come from our two distinct (and distinctly beautiful) breeds of birds. The beautiful pastel-blue-shelled eggs come from the Speckled Legbar hens and the deep, chocolate-brown-shelled eggs come from the Copper Maran hens

At Happy Egg, the health and happiness of our hens comes first. All of our farms are certified organic, meaning they maintain year-round living conditions that promote the health and natural behaviors of our girls, including year-round access to the outdoors, shade, shelter, and clean eater, and meet the highest standards in terms of being pesticide and herbicide-free. The hens in our organic flocks, however, also enjoy a premium feed from grain farms that themselves are organic.

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