Hens Love to Dance

… or at least they love a mans who does. Roosters woo hens by performing a dance called “tidbitting.”

Hens Dream Big

They experience REM while they sleep. Hens! They’re just like us.

They are the closest living relative to the T. Rex.

Just imagine those holiday dinners.

Chickens Have Better Color Vision Than Humans


Hens Bathe in Dirt

Sounds counterintuitive, sure. But then again so does smearing charcoal on your face, and we do that anyway.

Hens are Boss Babes

… just like your high school acquaintance trying to get you to join her MLM! Sorry, we had to. But for real: chickens have “pecking orders,” and all know who’s boss.

They Slurp Grass like Spaghetti

Not hens LARPing the Lady and the Tramp spaghetti scene.

You Can Tell What Color Their Eggs Will Be By Their Earlobes 

Did you know? Hens with red earlobes typically lay brown eggs, and hens with white earlobes usually lay white eggs.

Come Fly With Me - Frank Sinatra, and also Happy Hens

Despite what you may have heard, hens can fly for short distances!

Happy Hens are Big Brain Girlies

Chickens are self-aware, learn from each other, and have problem-solving skills. Humans: take note.

Hens Won’t Forget A Core Memory

These big-brain gals have the ability to recognize over 100 unique faces– including humans– even after being separated for long amounts of time.