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VitaminPlus Supports0DImmunityVitaminPlus Supports0DImmunity

Supports Immunity

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VitaminPlus 2x Vitamins vs.Standard EggsVitaminPlus 2x Vitamins vs.Standard Eggs

More Vitamins vs. standard eggs

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happy egg breakfast

with a Boost

Starting your day on the sunny side of life has never been this easy (or this delicious). Happy Egg Vitamin Plus eggs have 2x the vitamins compared to standard eggs; specifically Vitamins D, B7 and B9 to give you a breakfast with a boost.

Laid by hens given an enriched feed with vitamins and nutrients, Vitamin Plus eggs are so creamy and rich in flavor, you'd never guess we hid a multivitamin inside them.


of protein


Vitamin D


Vitamins B7 and B9


Calories per egg


Obsessing over the color what 😍

Heritage eggs ARE MY FAVORITE! 🀀


SIMPLY THE BEST 😍😍 So rich, so eggy, so delicious.


“They’re Just Better”

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Those yolks are a ray of sunshine on a plate! 🧑


it’s life changing 😒

Yolks are unmatched πŸ™Œ


white curve

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Let's get fancy.

How to use the best eggs on the planet.


Happy Eggs. Happy Customers. 


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3 months ago

pale yellow yoks

I have always been very satisfied with all the brands of Happy Eggs and go to Kroger just to buy them because I don't shop there but the last few cartons I have purchased some eggs are pale yellow while others are the thick rich orange that I love. The yellow color is lighter than the store brand eggs I buy for baking at a lot less money. Yes I will continue to buy them unless this starts happening a lot

5 months ago

Only eggs I'll buy

I bought these because Kroger was out of the normal eggs I buy. It was meant to be. They taste so much better, healthier, and overall so much better! Thank you happy eggs for giving me something healthy I can feed my family!

6 months ago

Happy hens!

I grew up with several flocks of chickens and have always wanted to continue to buy from places that treat their hens well!

9 months ago

Rich orange yolks!

These eggs are amazing! I don't know what you feed those chickens, but it sure makes delicious eggs. I haven't found any other eggs this good at a grocery store. They are the best, hands down! I only wish you could get them at Sprouts. I've only seen your organic free range there. In any case, thank you for providing a source of amazing eggs!

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